11/01/2013 01:40 pm ET

Obama Briefed On LAX Shooting

President Barack Obama has been briefed on the Friday shooting at Los Angeles International Airport, NBC reports.

According to ABC's Mary Bruce, the White House is urging people to listen to authorities and follow directions from first responders on site.

The shooting occurred at approximately 9:30 a.m. local time, authorities told CBS. Multiple injuries have been reported and the TSA confirmed that one of its employees had been shot.

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11/01/2013 11:47 PM EDT

LAX Suspect's Photo Released By FBI

The FBI has released a photo of Paul Ciancia, the man it identifies as the LAX shooting suspect:


Photo Credit: AP/FBI

11/01/2013 10:30 PM EDT

Slain TSA Officer Identified

11/01/2013 9:54 PM EDT

All Terminals Except For T3 Are Now Open

11/01/2013 9:13 PM EDT

Airlines Cancel All Friday LAX Terminal 3 Flights

11/01/2013 9:00 PM EDT

Suspect From 'Super-Nice Family'

LAX shooting suspect Paul Ciancia was "just a normal kid" from "a super, super-nice family" when he was growing up in New Jersey, neighbors told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ciancia's mother, Susan, died from cancer a few years ago, neighbor Orlando Pagan told the Inquirer. His father, also named Paul, has an auto repair shop in Pennsville, N.J., where the younger Ciancia worked before leaving South Jersey.

11/01/2013 8:38 PM EDT

Video Shows LAX Chaos During Shooting

Mobile phone footage obtained by TMZ reveals chaos inside Los Angeles International Airport during the Friday morning shooting that left one Transportation Security Administration agent dead and several more wounded.

The video starts with two armed police officers walking through the airport lobby. One officer shouts for everyone to hit the floor. After a cut in the video, dozens of travelers emerge from what appears to be the security line at the airport, running with their luggage toward the exit. In the distance, police car sirens are wailing.

A uniformed TSA agent is among the crowd fighting to reach the exit.

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11/01/2013 8:10 PM EDT

Ciancia Was Loner In High School

Paul Ciancia, the 23-year-old former New Jersey resident who has been identified by the FBI as the suspected LAX gunman, was a loner at the private high school he attended in Delaware, a former schoolmate told the Los Angeles Times.

The newspaper reported:

“In four years, I never heard a word out of his mouth,” said David Hamilton, who graduated with Ciancia from Salesianum School in Willmington, Del., in 2008, and is now an editorial assitant at a publishing firm in Philadelphia. “He kept to himself and ate lunch alone a lot. I really don’t remember any one person who was close to him.”

11/01/2013 7:52 PM EDT

Alleged LAX Shooter's Note Said He Wanted To 'Kill TSA'

The Associated Press reports that authorities said the alleged shooter carried a note saying he wanted to "kill TSA."

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11/01/2013 7:37 PM EDT

LA Mayor: Shooter Had More Than 100 Rounds 'That Could've Literally Killed Everybody'

11/01/2013 6:27 PM EDT

FBI Names Shooting Suspect