11/01/2013 06:00 pm ET Updated Nov 01, 2013

Sara Bareilles Surprises Nurses Behind Amplatz Children's Hospital's 'Brave' Cover (VIDEO)

The good news keeps rolling in for the staff and patients of University of Minnesota's Amplatz Children's Hospital, who created a viral cover of Sara Bareilles' "Brave" last month.

In just a few weeks, the hospital's music video has been viewed more than 900,000 times, spreading the story of its brave kids far and wide. But it was one viewer in particular who made the whole experience unforgettable.

Bareilles herself became the cover's biggest fan, and on Halloween, HLN TV arranged for a surprise virtual meeting between the singer and the makers of the video.

HLN interviewed Natalie Snyder and Brittany Bloemke, the two nurses behind the video, and Sarah Ewald, one of the video's courageous cancer patients. And midway through, Bareilles Skyped in to share some touching words.

“I was sent this video by a friend of a friend who lives in Minnesota, and I watched it late at night and immediately my eyes welled up,” Bareilles said. "It's moment like this that remind me of the importance of music, and I can't think of a more perfect incarnation of this song. It's exactly the kind of thing that gives the life to this song that we were hoping for."

Watch the full interview above, and check out the hospital's inspiring cover here.

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