11/01/2013 05:27 pm ET

Tom Hiddleston Surprises A Room Full Of Unsuspecting Youngsters At A 'Thor 2' Screening In New York

The Tom Hiddleston love affair continues with this new clip, in which he surprises a room full of unsuspecting children at a "Thor 2" screening in Times Square. The kiddos partook in a Halloween viewing of the film, which is already pretty exciting in itself, seeing as "The Dark World" isn't out until next weekend. Couple that with an appearance from Loki himself, and Hiddleston is the envy of every child man, woman and child with a pulse. Watch as Hiddleston gushes about how great it is to surprise these youngsters, then goes on to wax poetic about the importance of education and prosperity for children. Swoon.

You can also see Hiddleston shake his groove thing on Korean TV, impersonate Samuel L. Jackson impersonating Loki, impersonate Owen Wilson impersonating Loki and teach Cookie Monster a lesson about self-control. The start of your weekend just got worlds better.

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