11/02/2013 12:05 pm ET Updated Nov 02, 2013

Bill Maher: Republicans 'Shouldn't Be Pandering To Hunters, They Should Be Pandering To Stoners'

Bill Maher concluded Friday night's episode of "Real Time" with a bold suggestion for the Republican party: "Why not embrace pot?"

About 3:00 into the "New Rules" clip above, Maher asks why politicians such as Ted Cruz are still using highly publicized hunting trips to show voters how relatable and down to earth they are, when only 6% of Americans actually hunt.

"Like many Americans, this picture [of Cruz hunting] makes me less likely to vote for you, and more likely to wish your hunting partner was Dick Cheney," Maher joked.

If the goal of the GOP is to appeal to women, hispanics and millenials (or as Maher describes the new American voter, "a young latino lesbian who smokes a boatload of dope") Maher suggests that the GOP start pandering to stoners instead of hunters.

"If they want to pass the torch to the next generation, they need to 'pass the torch' to the next generation," he joked.

Watch the full clip above to hear the rest of Maher's reasons why Republicans should support marijuana legalization, including how in the age of Molly and flesh-eating drugs, pot really IS conservative.



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