11/02/2013 03:07 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2013

This Was How Kathleen Sebelius Reacted When A GOP Lawmaker Gave Her 'Web Sites For Dummies'

During a Friday Obamacare education and outreach session in Tennessee, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius faced an unexpected encounter.

The Memphis Daily News captured a photo of Sebelius holding a copy of "Web Sites for Dummies" at a local library. The individual behind the exchange was state Sen. Brian Kelsey (R), who claimed on Twitter that the "book is simply a reminder" that "Tennessee does NOT want Medicaid expansion."

About 48 hours earlier Sebelius testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, taking responsibility for the technical glitches that have plagued the Obamacare website. On Friday, National Journal reported that Sebelius dismissed reports claiming only six individuals signed up for Obamacare on day one of the website's use.

"I don't pay a lot of attention to these early reports, because the system was flawed," she told National Journal. "This is month one. We're in football season now, and this is the first quarter. A lot of folks want to declare game over. I don't know where those figures came from, but we'll be giving out comprehensive figures once a month."



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