11/03/2013 07:43 pm ET

How Chris Christie Is Winning Over Latinos


¿Chris Christie, sí que puede?

It certainly looks that way, with the New Jersey governor set to cruise to re-election over his Democratic opponent, Barbara Buono on Tuesday. And when you lead in the polls by more than thirty points—as Christie does—the victory tends to be all encompassing, with every sort of micro-targeted demographic group lining up behind the winner.

But Christie’s wooing and winning of one such group in New Jersey has caught the eye of political observers, especially as attention drifts towards 2016. According to a number of recent polls, Christie is running even or barely ahead of Buono among Latino voters. These numbers are more surprising considering that Buono chose a Latina as her running mate, labor leader Milly Silva.

“The governor has built inroads into the Latino community for the past 11 years going back to his days as a U.S. attorney,” said Michael Duhaime, a top Christie advisor. “I think that as a party what we have done wrong is that we only talk to Hispanics in an election year, instead of doing it all the time. For us, there is dialogue and trust factor that we have built up.”

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