11/04/2013 10:48 am ET

Electric 'Fireball' Caught On Video After Montreal Windstorm

After a powerful windstorm hit parts of southern Quebec on Friday, a resident of Montreal filmed an incredible "fireball" of electricity on the power lines outside his house.

"Oh God, here it comes," Lachine resident Huw Griffiths says as the bright, crackling surge heads his way. A moment later the highly charged orb passes in front of his house and then seems to explode when it reaches the next electric pole.

Griffiths told The Huffington Post he was ready with his camera after a similar fireball had passed by 15 minutes earlier.

A severe windstorm on Friday that included gusts of up to 63 miles per hour left 350,000 homes without electricity in the province, Canada's CTV News reports.

Griffiths said he still hasn't gotten an official response from the electric company explaining what caused the two electrical currents to surge in front of his home. The best explanation he says he's seen is on Reddit, where an electrical engineer says it's a high-impedance arcing fault likely caused by a fallen branch or a lightning strike.

"This arc is interesting because it was able to be sustained for such a long period of time," the engineer wrote.

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