11/04/2013 11:49 am ET

Ray Kelly Got Lots Of Help From His News Anchor Son In Aborted Mayoral Bid


Local news anchors generally don't dive head-first into political campaigns, but New York host Greg Kelly did just that for his father, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Politico reported on Monday that Kelly was considering jumping into the NYC 2013 mayoral race even as late as July.

Ultimately, the late entry and lack of campaign experience became too much to overcome, but what Politico also mentioned was that Kelly had a lot of help from his son, who hosts "Good Day New York" on the city's local Fox affiliate.

Greg Kelly, who was cleared of criminal charges against him for rape in February, apparently used his insider connections to give his father a boost.

From Politico:

"Even after the race had seemed to take shape without him, his son, Greg Kelly, set up meetings for him with national consultants Pat Caddell and Joe Trippi. Separately, Greg Kelly and the police commissioner’s wife met with Ed Rollins about the framework of a campaign."



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