11/05/2013 09:37 am ET

'ABCDEFG,' The Insane Follow-Up Song To 'Chinese Food,' Is New Levels of WTF

Well! Looks like we have ourselves a new frustratingly bizarre music video, Internet.

"Singer" Alison Gold and producer Patrice Wilson -- the man who brought us Rebecca Black's "Friday" -- have unveiled their follow-up to "Chinese Food." This one, entitled "ABCDEFG," includes the following things:

  • Gold flipping through a dictionary, as evidence of her devotion to some guy, as well as words, because metaphors.
  • Wilson, who is a giant, leering into her window.
  • Also, this whole thing takes place in "Mister Wilson's Neighborhood," because Wilson is exactly like Mister Rogers.
  • Gold being instructed to "get in" a Mystery Machine-esque van with the not-creepy name Wilson's Wagon.
  • A party with a bunch of low-rent puppets.
  • A Chinese (?) archer inexplicably trying to turn everyone into plates of Chinese food with his magical bow and arrow.
  • Potions labeled "Chinese food potion," "love potion," "human potion" and "puppet potion."
  • Said potions intended to spike punch for teenagers and puppets at the horrifying puppet party.

We recommend watching the video because you will never see anything the same ever again after you do. Life is a beautiful thing, so let's not waste it.



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