11/05/2013 01:14 pm ET

Stephen Colbert Targets Fox News' Claims About Obamacare, Men (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert took aim at Fox News on Monday night for complaining that women and men will pay the same premiums under Obamacare.

Several people at Fox News have ripped into Obamacare for "sticking it to men," because men currently pay less than women for the same health insurance coverage. Guest Dr. Jane Hughes alleged that Obamacare will force men to contribute to the cost of maternity services, pediatric and dental care, birth control and other forms of contraception, which she said "none of which a young man needs or wants."

After playing the clips on Monday night, Colbert chimed in with mock outrage. "Under Obamacare, men will pay the same amount as women and yet we still don't get to pass a cantaloupe with toenails through our genitals," he balked.

"As long as we're footing the bill for all this lady maintenance, I say we demand pap smears!" he added. "It's guy-necologist, not gal-necologist." Watch his complete takedown of Fox News in the clip above.



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