11/05/2013 09:20 am ET Updated Feb 01, 2016

The Evolution Of American Homes... In 4 1/2 Minutes (VIDEO)

We regret that this video from "House Counselor" is no longer available.

Please check out these other articles about the history of American homes instead:

Previously: Tiny homes weren't always the things weekend getaways and sustainable living experiments were made of. The small, bare-bones living quarters American settlers occupied back in the 17th-century focused on function with one to two rooms and a central fireplace for cooking, heating and light.

According to HGTV's "House Counselor," Laurie March, it would take a revolution, a civil war and a few other intriguing events to get us from a life of small-scale, shared living to the kind of lifestyle we're used to today.

Take a crash course on the evolution of American homes in the video above and tell us: Which era could you see yourself stepping back into?

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