11/05/2013 08:49 am ET

J. Crew Commercial Features Family That's Basically Too Perfect To Be Real

J. Crew is wildly popular and seemingly everywhere, but the store has actually never done a full-on TV commercial. Sure, there has been plenty of cute videos and catalogs galore, but J. Crew never went the Gap route with a big holiday commercial to worm its way into our hearts (and living rooms).

Now for the first time, J. Crew is getting into the TV ad game. The brand has partnered with MasterCard for a commercial for MasterCard MasterPass, a digital service that lets shoppers store their billing and shipping info for quicker checkouts. J.Crew is one of the stores using MasterPass for e-commerce, hence the joint commercial "highlighting MasterPass as shoppers' shortcut to online holiday shopping at J.Crew," according to MasterCard.

And from start to finish, this commercial is thoroughly J. Crew. The stars: an impossibly attractive family with two boys, two girls and a dog, each one (canine included) dressed in perfect layers of Americana. The little girl has plastic Jenna Lyons glasses, the dad is drop-dead handsome with the perfect hipster beard and the pup is the best behaved we've ever seen. Oh, and they're all impeccably dressed.

Basically, this is the envy-inducing stuff of the J. Crew catalog come to life on screen. Get ready to be jealous all through the holidays -- you can start now by watching the video, above.

They kind of all look like this:

Jenna Lyons of J. Crew

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