11/05/2013 05:53 pm ET

'Low Winter Sun' Star Pans His Own Show


"Low Winter Sun" star James Ransone said his AMC series "wasn't a good show."

"I had higher expectations going in. They can’t all be winners," Ransone told The Wrap.

The actor, who is currently appearing off-Broadway in "Small Engine Repair," acknowledged his show's ratings troubles.

"If it doesn’t get canceled, I’ll be goddamn shocked," Ransone said. "The ratings were terrible."

"Low Winter Sun" premiered to 2.5 million viewers in August, but subsequent airings of the Detroit-set drama shed viewers. The last episode of Season 1 had 600,000 viewers.

"Low Winter Sun" had the benefit of a "Breaking Bad" lead-in, but that couldn't help it avoid bad reviews. HuffPost's Maureen Ryan said the drama tried "way too hard to be a Serious Cable Drama. The strain almost turns it into a parody of the genre."

AMC has yet to announce a decision regarding the fate of "Low Winter Sun."