11/05/2013 04:54 am ET

'Sleepy Hollow': Ichabod Crane Must Die To Destroy The Headless Horseman (VIDEO)

Returning after a baseball hiatus, "Sleepy Hollow" delved deeper into its mythology, and the blood connection between Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. As their lives had become intertwined thanks to the spell that put them both to sleep for centuries, Crane learned that if he died, the Horseman would die, too. As the Horseman was also the Pale Rider, who would usher in the apocalypse, this seemed a fair trade to the time-tossed hero.

Abbie showed up just as Crane was about to drink a poison offered up by the masons of the modern era -- he's a member in good standing still after all those years. She had found a possible alternative in the form of John Noble's Sin Eater, but Crane didn't want to risk the Sin Eater not wanting to help. And so he drank. TVLine's Kimberly Root said she was "wrecked" watching this. "“I don’t think I’m getting soft in my advanced years; I just think that [the actors] softly, gently kill it as they sit across the table from each other and prepare for Crane’s death," she wrote.

Luckily, the Sin Eater showed up just in time to slow the poison and then do his magic. This amounted to Crane letting go of all the guilt he felt over the death of a man he'd tortured during his military days. HitFix's Geoff Berkshire wasn't worried for a second. There was no way the hit series was going to kill off one of its leads halfway through its freshman season.

"Sleepy Hollow" continues on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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