11/05/2013 06:40 am ET

'The Blacklist': Haunted By His Family Home, Red Makes One Final Trip There

Viewers got a glimpse into the mysterious past of Raymond "Red" Reddington on "The Blacklist." The latest hour closed with the notorious criminal making a visit to his family home. It was here that he lived with his family at one time. He pulled away some of the paneling on the walls to reveal markings familiar to anyone who's charted their children's growth. He walked around the home, taking a moment to look out the front window.

There, in his mind's eye, he saw a young, blonde girl playing with bubbles. Presumably this was his daughter. But Red wasn't there to reminisce. He checked that his associates had followed his orders to the letter.

On his way out, he declared that this place perhaps held too many memories, and thus had too strong of a hold on him. "This should help," Red said moments before being driven away. As he departed, the home was engulfed in explosive flames. That's one way to rid oneself of the temptation to go back!

As always, his motives remain a mystery, but it's proving a delicious on as "The Blacklist" continues every Monday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.



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