11/05/2013 04:08 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Why Brooklyn Women Are the Pickiest Daters in America, According to a Single Brooklynite

Recently, the dating website AYI.com surveyed over half a million women about their dating habits. What did they find? Women in Brooklyn were the pickiest in the nation.

As someone who's spent the majority of her twenties in Brooklyn, I'm not surprised. Brooklyn is all about bespoke: From cocktails to Etsy-designed invitations and vintage dresses, women in Brooklyn prize their individuality. While Manhattan may have become a borough of identical juice bars and spinning studios, Brooklyn is still known for its indie boutiques, farm-to-table restaurants with charmingly eccentric menu items, and unique body-ink options. And I think that it's precisely that commitment to self-expression that is a Brooklyn woman's downfall--at least when it comes to dating.

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