11/08/2013 10:04 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Number One Cause Of Arguments Between Partners, From Dr. Gail Saltz (VIDEO)

Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz says that money and spending are the top causes of arguments between spouses today, and for good reason. Usually when spouses argue over money, both individuals have two very different "risk tolerances." In other words, one partner tends to get much more anxious about spending than the other.

So what's the best solution if you both have a different so-called "risk tolerance?" Dr. Gail Saltz recommends that couples sit down and have an open, honest dialogue about finances. If, for example, your husband is concerned about spending for an upcoming vacation, ask him what he's willing to spend overall. Establish a lump sum rather than detailing the cost of individual items. This lump sum will act as a budget; a calming device for people who are anxious about money.

If you show your partner that you're willing to stay in a budget, even if you may need to compromise some of the things you want out of your vacation, event or item, you'll save yourself quit a bit of heartache and stress. It's all about compromising!

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