11/06/2013 06:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Camel Sex At Oasis Camel Dairy Explained On 'Jobs That Bite,' Airing Nov. 16 On NatGeo Wild (VIDEO)

NatGeo Wild

"Hump Day" doesn't have to be on Wednesday. At the Oasis Camel Dairy in Ramona, Calif., it's anytime the camels choose to, well, hump.

That's what Jeremy Brandt, star of the NatGeo Wild series "Jobs That Bite," discovered while spending a day with dairy owners Gil and Nancy Riegler for an episode airing Nov. 16.

jobs that bite

The Rieglers had Brandt hold on to the tail of Storm, a 5-year-old bull camel, while he had his way with a female camel named "Goldie," who, at 25, might qualify as a camel version of a cougar (or at least a CILF).

"You have to very slowly watch his head when you do this," Gil Riegler warned. "Hold his tail and then you watch him the whole time and see what he's doing."

Brandt wondered what might happen if Storm started paying more attention to him than to Goldie. The answer Riegler gave wasn't reassuring.

"You'll see the whites of [Storm's] eyes and, after that, his head can come all the way back and grab you," he said, adding that Storm's canine teeth were 2.5 inches long.

"He doesn't really want to deal with me when this is happening, does he?" Brandt asked.

"No, he has priorities," Riegler said.

Eventually, Storm completed his mating and Goldie was taken away. At first, he seemed disappointed, but soon found other interests.

"When he couldn't get action, he went for the food," Nancy Riegler said. "It's really not that different from people."



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