11/06/2013 02:21 pm ET

Kathie Lee Gifford Hated 10 A.M. Hour Of 'Today' Before She Hosted It


Kathie Lee's podcast is here and it's as awesome as we thought it would be. During the third installment, she described her reaction to watching the show's fourth hour before she hosted it — in the way that only Kathie Lee can.

The "Today" co-host recalled when NBC News was trying to woo her to join the show. She had initially demurred, but was told to watch the 10 a.m. hour. Kathie Lee didn't like what she saw, apparently: "I turned it on and it was basically a discussion of what white shirt holds up best in the wash, and thank goodness I don't keep a gun handy or I would have shot myself. It was deadly, it was awful, it was boring and I told Jim Bell that."

She added that she told Bell that he needed to ditch everyone but Hoda and turn the hour into the drunken chatfest we know and love today.



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