11/06/2013 04:58 pm ET

Photo Of Concealed Weapons Permit Gets Army Vet Banned From Daughter's School

A Georgia mother is demanding an apology after being banned from her daughter's school over a Facebook photo of her concealed weapons permit.

Army veteran and parent volunteer Tanya Mount, of Hephzibah, Ga., said she never thought that her ability to carry a concealed weapon might jeopardize her ability to spend time with her daughter at school.

Speaking with local station WRDW last week, Mount said she was therefore shocked when the Richmond County Board of Education police handed her a notice prohibiting her from stepping foot on McBean Elementary School property.

"I feel like a criminal. I want I want to be heard. I want a public apology," Mount, whose daughter is disabled, told the station after receiving the notice in October.

A reporter from News Channel 6 tracked down the school's principal and confirmed the no trespass order was issued because Mount had posted a photo of the permit to Facebook.

"It is my duty and responsibility as the principal of this school to ensure the safety and security of all of our faculty, staff and students," Principal Janina Dallas told News Channel 6, adding that Mount had occasionally disrupted class in the past and was highly protective of her daughter, which raised warning flags.

Mount has since transferred her daughter to another elementary school but clearly is still troubled by the treatment she received.

The debate over whether to allow guns -- concealed or otherwise -- on school grounds has been a rancorous one. In October, the St. Helens School Board in Oregon sparked controversy after voting to allow teachers with concealed weapons permits to carry firearms at school, KOIN reports. The decision was met with immediate protest from the St. Helens Coalition for Safe Schools, a group that has called for a ban of all guns in the St. Helens School District.