11/06/2013 11:36 am ET Updated Nov 06, 2013

There's More Than One Reason Not To Wear Makeup (VIDEO)

Not everyone wants to look like a Kardashian before leaving the house, but for many women going makeup-free is just not an option. Having the option to conceal dark under-eye circles or add a pop of color to cheeks with blush can give women an instant confidence boost. Or at least that's what HuffPost Live hosts Caitlyn Becker and Caroline Modarressy Tehrani thought they'd find when they went on-air without makeup.

We happen to think that the girls looked absolutely stunning without a full face of makeup and believe that they should embrace their natural beauty. But Elle magazine feature writer Holly Millea, joining Caroline and Caitlyn on their segment, said, "The ritual of putting on your makeup and seeing yourself, you know definitely look better, reinforces a positive attitude and also the way people interact with you."

HuffPost Live executive lifestyle editor Anya Strzemien and "Naked Face Project" advocate thinks we should take stock of what is essential. She explained, "Once in a while, if we just sort of strip ourselves and do this experiment and then kind of add back what we feel is essential, maybe that's the way to go."

Well, after watching this segment we've compiled a list of reasons not to wear makeup.

1. You don't have to worry about guys staring at your red lips and instantly thinking about vagina. Gross!

2. You can run on the treadmill or pose in downward-facing dog and not have your foundation run down your face.

3. People in the fashion world don't really wear it (thank God for tinted moisturizer).

4. You won't shock the fella you've been dating the first time you decide to strip down and go bare-faced.

5. If you take really good care of your skin, there's no need to cover it up.

Be sure to watch the full segment above HuffPost Live and tell how you feel about wearing makeup.

Makeup-free and flawless:

No Makeup, Still Gorgeous!

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