11/06/2013 10:08 am ET Updated Nov 06, 2013

6 Years Later, Transgender Teen From 'Oprah' And His Brother Are Best Friends (VIDEO)

Back in 2007, "Oprah Show" viewers met a teenager named Jake. Jake was born as Julia and lived as a girl for 14 years, but said he always felt he was in the wrong body. He began taking bi-weekly hormone shots and at age 15, had a double mastectomy.

Though Jake's family supported his transition, his younger brother, Jason, was coping with the loss of his sister and the attention Jake was receiving from their parents. "I miss my sister," Jason said on "The Oprah Show" in 2007. "It's been hard on me, too, because for the past couple of years they've been really focused on her. So it's like I've been kind of pushed off to the side."

A few years later, "The Oprah Show" learned the brothers were no longer close. "No one ever asked how he felt," Jake said in 2010 about his brother. "It triggered him into a downward spiral of his own."

Jason was diagnosed with anorexia in 2009 and dropped to 109 pounds -- a time he described as "so chaotic and out of control." He also came out to his parents and told them he was dating a guy. "I definitely didn't want to disappoint my parents," Jason said. "I felt that Mom was dealing with enough. It would throw off her sense of at least she had one normal kid."

It's been three years since Oprah's last update with the brothers, and "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" received the above video update from Jake and Jason, now both in their early 20s.

"The state of our relationship now is really good, I think," Jake says.

"We see each other a lot more and we live farther apart, but definitely hang out more than we used to, even when we lived really close by or even in the same house," Jason says.

"We text every day, we talk every day, " Jake adds. "We're always seeing each other. We're very close, friendly.

"I mean, I would consider you my best friend," he says to Jason.

Jason is now a promising filmmaker and says he's written 16 feature length screenplays. His short film, "A Coming Out Story," aired on PBS in 2012. "I don't think I really had an 'ah-ha moment' or an epiphany of who I was or anything like that in my identity," he says. "I think it sort of came over time with developing skills and passions about things. Getting into film school really helped that. It was sort of a pivotal moment in my life."

Jake studies psychology at the American Jewish University and is a budding activist in the LGBT community. His non-profit organization, TUFF: Trans United with Family and Friends, raises money to help people pay for transition costs "because it makes you a happier, well-rounded, more hopeful individual," he says.

"I think that other people could learn a lot from our family and sort of what we've been through," Jason says. "Despite the fact that we've been through so much and such odd sort of situations that other people might not be able to relate to-- being able to see us change over the time can at least give someone hope that they can change and that change doesn't mean bad all the time. Transition can be good."

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