11/08/2013 11:29 am ET

Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Is Terrible At Twitter


In its early days, Twitter’s optimal use was a little hard to grasp. Critics asked how it was different than a Facebook status or why anyone would want to read 140-character updates about someone’s every move.

Today, the microblogging service has found its niche as the ultimate space for finding and sharing news, getting topics trending and finding out what public figures are thinking -- and that’s come with an unwritten list of Twitter faux pas. And the Twitterverse does not look kindly on Twitter faux pas.

Oddly, one of the biggest offenders might be none other than Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

As the San Francisco Business Times pointed out, "Dorsey embodies much of why no one understood early Twitter." As the Business Times put it, he posts mundane updates, "shamelessly over-promotes his company," shares depressing quotes and “images that aren’t worth even 140 characters.”

Then again, who are we to say Dorsey’s doing Twitter wrong? The guy founded it -- maybe it was supposed to be serious selfies, 'Good morning's, and photos of lemon water all along. Here are some of Dorsey’s favorite Twitter habits that leave us feeling really confused.

Tweeting videos that should have been photos Sharing unnoteworthy photos with just as unnoteworthy captions Selfies Imparting odd wisdom, mostly about what kind of water we should be drinking -- with really necessary photos. Repeat tweeting Very underwhelming vines And very overwhelming ones What?


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