11/07/2013 03:22 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'The 3 Bits' Queer Series Creators Interrogated By Police After Scene In Which Mother Snorts Coke Off A Baby

The producers of the popular queer web series "The 3 Bits" were interrogated by New York police officials after featuring a controversial scene in which a woman appeared to snort cocaine off the body of an infant baby.

According to a press representative for the show, actress Erin Markey (who plays Madison Bits-Mozzarella) was contacted by authorities Nov. 4. The officers apparently wanted to verify that the white powder seen in the clip was not actually cocaine and that the real-life parents of the child had consented to it.

Writer-directors Max Freeman and Margaret Singer told HuffPost Gay Voices in an email that they were ultimately amused by the incident, despite an initial series of concerns.

"After we’d had a minute to sit with the news, we wondered who had called the cops in the first place," they wrote. "It’s a silly skit on youtube, but someone actually picked up the phone, dialed 911, and told them that we were endangering a child."

Noting that the furor "reveals the very baby hysteria that the skit was meant to poke at," Freeman and Singer have since added a disclaimer to the video at the police department's request. Still, they added, "Did the person not understand that the scenario was fictional? Or, knowing that it was fiction, were they so angry that they wanted us to get in trouble with the cops?"



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