11/07/2013 10:00 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Masters Of Homosex: 9 Vintage Books That Lied About Lesbians


The release of The Kinsey Report and the groundbreaking sex research of Masters and Johnson in the '50s and '60s inspired a new trend in publishing: entirely fabricated or otherwise compromised "sociological studies" of human sexuality penned by pulp authors pretending to be doctors who possessed a peculiar obsession with intense erotic descriptions of sex acts. Obviously the homosexuals were a huge focus of this hugely popular genre because we are perverted maniacs! According to lesbian author Jaye Zimet, "many risqué books were able to evade the threat of government censorship by couching lesbian eroticism in medical terminology and including “introductions and testimonials by alleged psychiatrists and M.D.s." So many alleged doctors with such interest in the down and dirty details of what turns ladies into lady-loving-ladies!

9 Books About Lesbian Sex By Men Pretending To Be Doctors

1. 1962 - The Lesbian in Society

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