11/07/2013 09:14 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

If You Are So Hungry You Could Eat A Horse (Made Of Spaghetti) (PHOTO)

We've all whined this particular whine to a parent or loved one before, "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!" Setting aside for a moment the fact that you absolutely could not (first, it's nearly impossible to get horse meat in the US and second, you have no idea how much meat is on a horse), we understand the feeling.

While you might not be able to eat a whole horse, you can eat a horse's portion of spaghetti, thanks to Reykjavik Corner Store's "I Could Eat A Horse" spaghetti measuring tool.

i could eat a horse

We're pretty sure horses don't eat spaghetti, so if you try to serve this to a horse and it turns its nose up at it, don't be offended. It's equivalent to four human portions, so you can just throw a dinner party instead. We're also not completely clear on why there are two adults of different genders on this thing. Maybe women can eat slightly more spaghetti because we're just carrying around the leftovers in our skirts? Who knows.

This kooky kitchen tool is available in green or white plastic for $15.00, or you could spring for the $90 stainless steel version (if something could actually possess you to do that).

[via Fancy]

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