11/09/2013 01:41 pm ET Updated Nov 10, 2013

How Many Joints Would It Take To Smoke A Year's Supply Of Medical Marijuana?

Because of California's convoluted medical marijuana laws, some growers technically aren't subject to plant limits, allowing individuals to grow up to 99 plants without much fear of federal intervention.

On a recent episode of "TakePart Live," host Jacob Soboroff joined Lt. Rick Ko of the Fresno County Sheriff's Department to see just how much pot 99 plants really provides. And when they did the math, something smelled a bit skunky.

When Soboroff and Ko crunched the numbers, they found that one would have to smoke nearly 738 joints per day in order to go through an entire year's supply.

Of course, marijuana caregivers grow for people other than themselves. But unless someone has about 70 serious pot-smoking family members hanging around, we can't help but wonder if some of that might not be for medical use.

Watch the full episode here.



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