11/07/2013 12:05 pm ET

Fishermen Jason Vonick, Nick Segal, John Oakes Spend Hours Rescuing Trapped Killer Whale In Alaska (VIDEO)

When three fishermen spotted a killer whale stuck on the rocks in Klakas Inlet in Alaska, they devoted nearly four hours to saving her.

Jason Vonick, Nick Segal, and John Oakes, from Ketchikan, Alaska, made the rescue on Sept. 30, according to ABC News. To pull the whole thing off, the men had to anchor their fishing vessel and bring a smaller, 15-foot boat out to the rocks where the female orca lay. Then, they used their oars to help free her.

"As soon as... we realized we actually could move her a little bit, we just did what we had to, really grunt, groan, and put some sweat into it," the men told "And we did it."

Vonick captured portions of the rescue on camera and posted a 4-minute clip to YouTube on Saturday.

The group's combined patience and determination make for one incredible video.

"[The whale] never fought us," Vonick later told the news station. "She just sat there docile and calm the whole time and let us do what we needed to do. If we stopped petting her, she'd cry some more."



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