11/07/2013 10:51 am ET Updated Nov 07, 2013

Justin Bieber Filmed Sleeping In Bed By Girl In Brazil

Well, this is interesting -- if not somewhat creepy.

Justin Bieber's sweet dreams were apparently caught on camera by a girl who might have been his bedmate. A video titled, "Justin Bieber sleeping with girl in Brasil" has popped up on YouTube and it is quickly gaining viewers.

The 15-second clip features the 19-year-old pop star sleeping in his hotel room, then the camerawoman turns the lens on herself, smiles, and blows the superstar singer a kiss before the video cuts out. Bieber's lady friend has been identified by Perez Hilton as Tati Neves.

Bieber has had quite the time since arriving in Brazil. Last week, he allegedly spent three hours inside the popular brothel Centauros in Rio de Janeiro before he was spotted sneaking out, covered in a bed sheet. Sources close to the singer denied the allegations, telling "Entertainment Tonight" that Bieber was not at a brothel, but rather a private members-only club that he was invited to by friends.



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