11/07/2013 11:41 am ET Updated Nov 07, 2013

Lindsay Black Banned From Teaching After Asking Student For Sex

A 28-year-old substitute drama teacher at a Catholic school in Wales has been banned from teaching after she asked a 17-year-old student to have sex in 2011.

Lindsay Black was also punished for asking students about their sexual experiences during the drama classes that she taught.

Earlier this week, a disciplinary panel in Cardiff found Black had acted unprofessionally with students while teaching at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic High School in Newport, Wales.

Black sent sexually suggestive texts and Facebook messages to the male lead in a student production of "We Will Rock You" and asked him to meet for sex after class, according to accusations reported by the BBC.

The student, who was identified as "Pupil A" in the hearing, showed classmates the texts. Other teachers heard about the lewd exchanges, which prompted an investigation.

"I heard comments from other pupils about Miss Black liking pupils and I asked what this meant," English teacher Abigail Watts said at the panel, according to the Mirror. "They said she had been... messaging Pupil A [and said] she told him she had a dream about them having sex."

Police interviewed Black about the incident in 2011, but no charges appear to have been filed, according to the BBC. Black and the student apparently never consummated a physical relationship.

Besides the naughty messages she sent, her teaching methods came under fire for veering into inappropriate graphic areas.

Black was accused of leading sixth form students (the equivalent of junior and senior year students in the U.S.) in "inappropriate and sexually explicit talks." In one exercise, she asked students if they'd had sex or had performed certain sex acts. Then she instructed students to act out certain sex acts in front of the class.

According to the Daily Star, Black asked questions like, "Have you ever had a blow job?" She would then allegedly tell students to mime the act.

The St. Joseph's drama department head told the panel that Black had defended the sex games, saying they were designed to get students into "character."

According to the Daily Mail, colleague Sandra Davis said Black had "said she wanted to cheat on her fiancé once before getting married and that she fantasized about having sex on a table in the drama class."

The South Wales Argus reported that Black admitted to contacting the student on social media, which is grounds for disciplinary action, but denied having any sexually explicit conversations with him or other students.

The panel found that Black's actions amounted to unacceptable professional conduct, and barred her from teaching indefinitely. However, Black can have a determination hearing after five years where a different panel would decide whether to reinstate her as a teacher, according to the Argus.

Black did not attend the hearing, but her union representative told the panel that the teacher had been naive and had self-esteem issues, the newspaper reported.



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