11/07/2013 05:37 am ET

'Survivor: Blood Vs. Water': Redemption Island Ends As The Tribes Merge (VIDEO)

After 19 days of competition on "Survivor: Blood vs. Water," it was time to shake things up again. Redemption Island came to an end as the three contestants waiting there learned that this time, they'd be competing to rejoin the game. It was an endurance competition and it came down to the two Lauras.

Rupert's wife, who'd just gotten voted out, couldn't hold on, and it was Laura Morett who got to rejoin the game, and her daughter Ciera. And then, to make it even more interesting, the tribes merged. Buddy TV's Gina Pusateri thought Laura M. totally deserved to get back into the game as she proved she was "freaking determined."

But then, a new twist. After losing to his brother in the Immunity Challenge, former winner Aras Baskauskas was eliminated ... and sent to Redemption Island! Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross wondered what he was going to do there "since [Jeff] Probst told us we already witnessed the ‘final duel.’ Don’t think Aras is an automatic goner, however. The dude is athletic and smart and can definitely survive there for a while, especially if they continue with these Godforsaken three-person duels in which you don’t even need to win to stay alive.”

"Survivor: Blood vs. Water' continues on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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