11/07/2013 05:36 am ET Updated Nov 07, 2013

'The X Factor': Singer Called 'Dated' Worries About Motown Theme, Contestant Returns (VIDEO)

It was Motown night on "The X-Factor," which had 54-year-old Lillie McCloud nervous. Last week, Simon Cowell critiqued her performance by telling her that she was "dated." And now, she was going to be singing older songs. Nevertheless, she gave a standout performance of Stevie Wonder's "All Is Fair in Love."

Even better, mentor Kelly Rowland was in her corner, She jumped up and got in Simon's face before he could even speak. "How dare you! How dare you! Say something! Say something! Say something!” she chanted. But this week, Simon simply told Lillie that she was fantastic.

Buddy TV's John Kubicek pointed out that it was kind of ridiculous to call a 50+ singer dated on a show that's doing a Motown theme night. And the show is stuck in more ways than just it's themes. For the third time in three years, Simon announced that a previously eliminated contestant would be returning to the competition. The judges welcomed back 15-year-old Josh Levi, who proved himself worthy of the second chance.

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