11/08/2013 09:53 am ET Updated Nov 08, 2013

Drink Your Way To Younger-Looking Skin With... Beauty Shots?

After watching countless Disney movies and cartoons like "Snow White," "Don's Fountain of Youth" and "Pirates of the Caribbean," we grew up believing that there was a real fountain of youth you could drink from, with elixirs that could turn back time. Later, we were introduced to the world of nip-and-tuck and realized not every "flaw" people fixed was done by drinking a potion. But now we're rethinking everything: Skincare brands are trying to convince us that we can drink ourselves younger.

In the video above, PopSugar beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson and entertainment reporter Matthew Rodrigues take drinkable beauty product shots that claim to give you younger-looking skin. LAC Taut Collagen Shots and Fountain The Beauty Molecule are blended on the premise that gulping down these anti-aging treatments will get them into the blood stream quicker, as opposed to applying them topically.

These potent beauty drinks don't run cheap ($96 and $40, respectively), as they contain collagen (the protein that breaks down as we age and leads to wrinkles) and an ingestible form of hyaluronic acid (a common ingredient found in serums that helps to rejuvenate skin).

Would you drink up for better-looking skin? Watch the video above to find out more about these beauty shots.

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