11/08/2013 05:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Strangers Raise Funds For Boston Guy Whose Car Was Wrecked After World Series

See, in Boston, you simply can’t get away with terrorizing hundreds of people or even one man’s inanimate object, strangers proved this week.

The day after the Red Sox beat the Cardinals, Chad Duncan was feeling pretty good about his adopted city, until he learned that revelers had attacked his car, the Boston Globe reported.

In the hours following the World Series, fans took to the streets. Some reveled in standard celebratory fashion, while others –- like those who flipped over and bashed in Duncan’s Toyota Corolla –- took it to dangerously destructive levels.

chad duncan car destroyed

“I don’t know why they chose my car,” he told the Globe. “I guess it’s pretty light.”

When Duncan retrieved his car, he estimated that he was out about $2,500 –- an exorbitant figure that enraged people who had never even met the unlucky guy.

So, when Bobby O’Neill –- a complete stranger -- heard the unfortunate news, he decided to do something about it.

O’Neill set up a fundraising campaign on gofundme, appropriately titled: “Boston’s Better Than That.”

“Especially after this year, no one who truly loves the city of Boston should ever engage in willful wanton destruction,” O’Neill wrote on the page. “Let's band together and help Chad pay for what these idiots did. He shouldn't have to.”

The campaign has already surpassed its goal, raising over $3,000. Any extra money will go toward the One Fund, a nonprofit that supports victims of the Boston Marathon attacks.

Donors said they felt moved by the collaborative spirit, reminiscent of the “Boston Strong” movement that developed after the attacks.

"Let's not let the tiny minority overshadow the rest of us," one supporter wrote.

"Boston's Better Than That" may have hit its original fundraising goal, but the campaign will remain open for another few days if you would like to donate to the One Fund in Duncan's honor. Find out more here.



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