11/08/2013 06:12 am ET

Chris Christie Can't Keep Mike Awake On 'The Michael J. Fox Show' (VIDEO)

Mike was desperate for a meaty interview on "The Michael J. Fox Show," and then he finally landed one. He was all set to interview New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, but then it all went wrong. Mike's sister was staying with him temporarily, and her antics kept him up all night. While he felt prepared for the interview, he was also exhausted.

"Thanks for having me. I’m so glad to see you back doing your job and I find your story just so inspiring," Christie said to kick things off. "In fact, I think it’s so inspiring that ... I think I should make an announcement. So, Mike--" But that's as far as he got, because Mke was fast asleep across from him. Now we'll never know what his announcement was!

Could it have been a bid for a presidential run? Brent Johnson of Christie's homestate paper, The New Jersey Star-Ledger, said that a sitcom was the last place he expected to see the Governor tease a possible run for President. "The appearance was brief — less than a minute — but it added to one of the most high-profile weeks of the governor's career," Johnson wrote. "It came two days after Christie was re-elected in a landslide and a day before he appears on the cover of Time magazine for the second time in a year.”

Robert David Sullivan of The AV Club hated the guest spot. "The political cameo is kind of an NBC Thursday tradition," he noted. "'Cheers' had Tip O’Neill and Mike Dukakis, 'Seinfeld' had Rudy Giuliani, and 'Parks And Recreation' has had a bunch of them. I hate the gimmick of cameos by non-actors ... ‘Surprising’ is the last thing you can say about politicians’ appearances on TV comedies.”



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