11/08/2013 05:56 am ET

'Glee': Adam Lambert Makes His Glamorous Debut, But Is It Too Much For Kurt? (VIDEO)

"American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert made his glamorous "Glee" debut as Starchild, an over-the-top performer who wanted to join Kurt's new band. In other words, he was pretty much playing himself. But it was all too much for Kurt, who thought he wanted a more subdued style for his band.

Nevertheless, Starchild -- or Elliot Gilbert as he later introduced himself -- blew everyone away with his powerful vocals. And once Kurt was able to get over his hang-ups, Elliot became a powerful addition to the group, which Rachel named Pamela Lansbury.

Lambert is no stranger to musical theater, but "Glee" was his first major acting gig. "It’s been a minute since I’ve picked up a script, but it was definitely like getting back on a bicycle," he told Entertainment Weekly. "I’m excited to play a character and take a little departure from me and have a little fun,’ gushes Lambert, adding that he hopes 'Glee' will lead to more acting down the road.”

The Stir's Jeanne Sager wrote, "Adam Lambert saves the day," saying that his bigger-than-life personality was just what the show needed after its somber Cory Monteith tribute. Hollywood Life's Emily Longeretta agreed, saying that she can't wait to see more of him on the show.

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