11/11/2013 09:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What I Eat In A Typical Day, From Dr. Oz (VIDEO)

What does Dr. Oz , Daytime Emmy Award winning host of "The Dr. Oz Show," eat in a typical day? In the morning, Dr. Oz will eat 2% Fage greek yogurt. Don't buy the skim version, because once that fat is removed, all you are left with is sugar! Add blueberries, because the flavanoids found in blueberries are good for the brain. Dr. Oz recommends snacking on walnuts, soaked in water, because dry nuts are dormant in nutrients. Soak them overnight to get the optimum nutritional benefit. For lunch, eat a large salad with a healthy olive oil vinaigrette dressing. Eat an early, healthy dinner. For the last three hours of the day, Dr. Oz doesn't eat anything in order to avoid feeling too full when going to bed. Also -- have a glass of wine! The resveratrol found in wine is good for your body and associated with longevity. If you're a drinker, two glasses a day for men, and one glass per day for women is the optimum amount.

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