11/08/2013 12:07 pm ET Updated Nov 08, 2013

Teen Finds, Returns $1,300 And Proves Kids These Days Are Pretty Swell

Not that Jack Sheehan needed any reminding, but the scrupulous teen has confirmed that being honest always pays off.

While walking his dog after Halloween, the Sandwich, Mass., 13-year-old came upon a bag filled with nearly $1,300 and a bank deposit slip, WHDH reported. Jack and his mom immediately brought the cash to the police and it was traced back to a local convenience store.

“In our family, honesty is a big thing,” Jack’s mother told the news outlet.

To show how grateful they were, the storeowners dropped off a load of candy and $100 for the honest teen.

But Jack is just one example of how kids these days really are interested in just doing the right thing.

Last year, while waiting for the bus to her Meredith, N.H., school, Dakota Edwards found a wallet filled with $600, the Union Leader reported.

The then-eighth grader handed it over to her principal, who found the rightful owner. He was so appreciative, he gave Dakota $100 for her good deed.

"I knew it was important to somebody, it would be important to me," she told the Union Leader. "I wouldn't have been able to live with myself knowing somebody was looking for that money.”



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