11/09/2013 03:06 pm ET

Jason Ritter Talks 'Gilmore Girls,' 'Us & Them' And 'Parenthood'


He's had his fair share of big and small screen roles, but Jason Ritter seems to have a bit of a pattern: dating "Gilmore Girls" cast members.

"It's very weird," Ritter told The Huffington Post of having "Gilmore Girls" stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as love interests on two separate shows, "Parenthood" and "Us & Them" respectively. "And Scott Patterson [Luke on 'Gilmore'] played my father on another show, so I'm slowly making my way through every single 'Gilmore Girls' cast member."

Ritter played Sarah's (Graham) ex-fiance on "Parenthood" last season. Although Sarah ultimately chose Hank (Ray Romano) over Ritter's character, Ritter says he stays in touch with the Braverman gang.

"Because I started four years ago with them, Lauren, Mae [Whitman], Miles [Heizer] and I all sort of stayed in touch and became like a little family," he told HuffPost.

Catch Ritter on "Us & Them," premiering on Fox in 2014.