11/09/2013 10:16 am ET

50 Religiously Inspired Tattoos Show Faith That's Not Just Skin-Deep


For many inked individuals, tattoos are a way to commemorate a spiritual journey or a means of expressing one's internal self. The body becomes the canvas for a diverse array of religious inspiration through this artform.

HuffPost blogger Jacob D. Myers shared his thoughts about the spirituality of tattoos, commenting, "Just as art has always conjoined the spiritual and the religious, tattoos can combine the inward and outward expressions of a spiritual or significant experience, literally, as art on the body."

Though cultures and religions differ in their official teachings with regards to tattoos, it's undeniable that many people find them a meaningful way of expressing their personal faith and spirituality. Judaism and Islam have historically discouraged tattoos, citing scripture and hadith.

Others see tattoos as a unique way to evangelize, proudly showing off their faith with their adorned bodies. Daniel Ostrowski, who founded the Christian Tattoo Association in 1998, told Beliefnet, "Tattooing is a unique way to express your faith. It shows on the outside what you got on the inside -- if it is real."

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50 Religiously Inspired Tattoos

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