11/10/2013 10:18 pm ET

#AlohaHuffPost Roundup: Away From The Chaos

It's been a crazy couple of weeks at the Hawaii State Capitol. Same-sex marriage supporters and opponents have been making sure their voices are heard.

In fact, their voices were so loud, the Hawaii House of Representatives had to close the doors to the chambers, claiming it was too deafening to think. Those for and against were separated by security on the day of the final House vote to ensure everyone's safety.

But not everyone has been partaking in the downtown Honolulu ruckus. Here's what HuffPost Hawaii readers did this week, away from the chaos:

They swam:

They dove:

They posed:

They sailed:

They stuck their heads in the sand:

They admired:

They prayed:

They strolled:

They played:

Ok, ok. We can't resist. Here's one from the celebrations at the Capitol:

Have a great week, and remember to keep tagging #alohahuffpost in your pictures and we'll feature the week's best posts.

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