11/10/2013 06:37 pm ET

'Vodka Samm' Is Totally Sober And Avoiding Social Media (VIDEO)

Samantha Goudie, better known to Internet denizens as "Vodka Samm," hasn't had a drink since she blew a .341 and tweeted about getting the numbers tattooed on her.

Goudie's name went around the world after her tweets from jail about getting arrested at a University of Iowa football game in August went viral, leading to endorsement offers and concern from her school's administration. University President Sally Mason publicly commented that she was worried for Goudie, and a new story from ABC News reveals the school required her to take three months of alcohol treatment.

"I needed a wake up call and I got one," Goudie told "20/20."

"Vodka Samm" has been totally sober since that epic day when she was busted for public intoxication on Aug. 31.

ABC News explained the reason Goudie was able to tweet from jail is due to a failure by Iowa City police to confiscate her phone when she was placed in a holding cell.

"I was just doing it for my friends," Goudie said of the tweets. "I wasn't thinking 'Oh, this might get picked up.'"

The Daily Iowan's interview with Goudie revealed the Iowa senior overcame an eating disorder, but struggled with depression following the media coverage.

However, Goudie told ABC News that despite social ostracization at the nation's top party school, she's glad she changed.



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