11/11/2013 08:48 am ET

Bob Woodward: White House Blames Me For Obama Criticism (VIDEO)

Bob Woodward sat down with Howard Kurtz on Sunday, and suggested that the White House blames him for creating the media narrative that President Obama has been a weak leader.

Woodward compared Obama to the country's CEO, and said that "he has to find a way to work his will." Kurtz asked him about people within the White House who are "not happy" with Woodward's reporting.

"They said I started it," Woodward said. "This idea of he's gotta lead, and [Obama's] too passive at times on these budget issues."

"As you know, no one likes to be criticized and called out," he continued. "They deal with reporters... I think the temperature's going up right now as there’s more and more criticism on the president's comments on Obamacare."

Woodward has clashed with the Obama administration before: last year, he had a spat with the White House over an email exchange with economic adviser Gene Sperling, which he had suggested were heavy-handed. On the issue of the government shutdown, Woodward accused Republicans of "blackmail" over Obamacare, but was also critical of the president's dealings with the GOP.

(h/t Mediaite)



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