11/11/2013 09:50 am ET

'Cats Who Love Water' Compilation Might Just Be 'Cats Who Are IN Water'... We're Not Sure

It's no secret that we love cats. And there are a couple of truly amazing videos of cats swimming out there that made us swoon. But we're not sure about this latest compilation, which purports to be a series of clips of cats who "love" water.

Sure, the ones who are swimming are dealing with their circumstances like feline pros, but do they really love it? It's a little presumptuous to claim to know the heart of a cat, is all we're saying.

Also, don't watch this video and then go put your cats in the tub. If they want to go swimming they'll let you know. Trust us, you don't want to be on the business end of a cat letting you know it does NOT love the water.

Via Tastefully Offensive



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