11/11/2013 03:39 pm ET Updated Nov 11, 2013

Sam Donaldson Found Not Guilty Of Drunk Driving Charges

Sam Donaldson has been found not guilty of drunken driving in a Delaware court, the News Journal reported.

The 79-year-old newsman, who worked at ABC News for decades, was arrested and charged with a DUI last December. He failed to pass a sobriety test when police pulled him over.

A judge dismissed the charges in court on Friday, saying that she did not find "probable cause for arrest." She also pointed out that there were inconsistencies between the arresting officer's testimony in court, which alleged that Donaldson had told her he had “a few glasses of wine” beforehand at dinner, and the police report.

After the trial, Donaldson said that he was "happy" with the results.

“Had I been convicted, I would have never worn it as a badge of honor,” he said, according to the News Journal. “I didn’t believe I was intoxicated over the limit. Of course, it never got to that point [in the trial]. But it’s dangerous, and we should all guard against it.”

(h/t Patrick Gavin)



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