11/11/2013 01:09 pm ET

Shot Of The Year: Basketball Player Scores Ridiculous No-Look Buzzer-Beater (VIDEO)

It's a shame this basket is only worth three points.

Real Madrid Baloncesto’s Felipe Reyes made this fantastic 3-point buzzer-beater with only 0.4 of a second left in the first half -- while shooting backward. Just prior, he'd received the ball via a full-court pass from teammate Marcus Slaugther.

The YouTube video's caption, translated to English by The Huffington Post, reads:

There were only 0.4 seconds left. ... Slaughter [sic] throws the ball in a baseball pass from the other side of the court which Felipe Reyes catches, his back to the hoop, and without even looking or thinking twice, he throws an impossible shot that ends up going in. No doubt this is one of the shots you cannot miss this year.

With a score of 51-28 at halftime, the game wasn't exactly on the line; but after this shot, Real Madrid fans jumped to their feet nonetheless.

Real Madrid went on to win the game 111 to 63 over La Bruixa d'Or. "The last ten minutes were a mere obligation," the team's website boasted after the game.



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