11/11/2013 05:50 am ET Updated Aug 18, 2015

'Witches Of East End': Ingrid Flashes Back To A Past Life - And Death

Fans got a better understanding as to why Freya's future mother-in-law, Penelope, seems to despise her so much on "Witches of East End," just as Ingrid had a flashback to one of her previous lives. Unfortunately, that look back appears to have hurt her relationship with her Aunt Wendy.

In the flashback, Ingrid was in love with Archibald, a dark magician who blatantly killed people in front of her, along with calling them lesser beings. And yet, none of this seemed to bother Ingrid enough to leave him. In fact, she was planning to elope with him, which is when her aunt came into the story. Wendy confronted Ingrid about leaving, but before she could talk her niece out of it, Archibald showed up.

He trapped Wendy against a wall and told Ingrid to kill her. But Wendy worked up a spell and launched it at Archibald. Trying to save her love, Ingrid jumped in front of the spell, which knocked her over the railing and to her death. Making matters worse, when the Beauchamps killed Archibald -- or so it seemed -- his daughter, Athena, was on hand to see it all go down. She even took a knife wound to the back, which Joanna healed save for a scar.

In the closing scene, Penelope had the same scar across her back. "This is bad, right?" asked Hollywood Life's Andy Swift. It most certainly is!

"Witches of East End" airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Correction: A previous version of this misidentified which character had a flashback, additionally this post also stated that Penelope is Ingrid's future mother-in-law, when she is actually Freya's future mother-in-law.

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