11/12/2013 10:23 pm ET

Recipes Made Better By Béchamel Sauce (PHOTOS)

When it comes to the classics, it doesn't get much better than béchamel sauce. A white sauce made with a butter, flour and milk base, it's a creamy key to holding together some of our favorite dishes -- especially lasagna, gratins, scalloped potatoes and mac and cheese.

From traditional French cuisine, béchamel sauce is a staple both on its own and as a base for other, more complex sauces. It starts off with a roux of butter and flour, which is cooked and then added into warmed milk. The finished product is a thick and creamy white sauce -- and once you start using it, you'll never look back.

We've put together our 13 favorite recipes made with béchamel, and we promise you won't believe how such an easy sauce can truly transform your meals.

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