11/12/2013 04:08 pm ET Updated Nov 12, 2013

Want To Unwind And Be More Productive? Here's What Your Boss Could Be Doing To Help

Many of us spend a large chunk of time at work. But some companies are realizing that employees are most productive when they actually have time to unwind at the office. In the clip above, Fox5 New York News took a look at Thrillist Media Group and The Huffington Post to get a sense of the office perks that have become a deliberate part of company strategy.

Adam Rich, co-founder of Thrillist Media Group says, "We want people who are having to spend their time here to enjoy it." At Thrillist, a men's lifestyle site and newsletter, that includes allowing employees to enjoy happy hour with cocktails at their desks or bringing their dogs to the office.

Here at The Huffington Post, we offer similar perks to allow employees to unwind on the clock. Nap rooms with couches and space beds give employees the opportunity to recharge. "It's tremendously helpful to lay down and just get some rest. You come back to work reinvigorated," says HuffPost's trends reporter Hunter Stuart.

A supply of healthy snacks and offerings of meditation and ping-pong also give employees time to de-stress. "There really is a huge return on bottom line when employees are happy and healthy," says Jordan Freeman, marketing director at The Huffington Post.



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