11/12/2013 12:57 pm ET

Thieves Stole Jessica Epper's Car, Left Her A Pink Box Cutter

When Jessica Epper was robbed at gunpoint last Wednesday morning, the thieves took her car, but left a strange parting gift: A pink boxcutter.

Epper, 19, was driving around Orlando, Fla., when she got lost and decided to reprogram the GPS system on her 2007 Honda Civic.

While she was doing this, a black man and a white woman approached the car and began speaking with Epper. Shortly thereafter, the man allegedly pulled out a “large black handgun,” pointed the weapon at her, and directed her to get out of the Honda, according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Epper told police that the female suspect then grabbed her hair and pulled it, forcing her from the car.

The thieves then allegedly drove off in Epper's car, but not before the male suspect tossed her a pink boxcutter and shouted, “Here, take care of yourself,” The Smoking Gun reported.

Orlando Police are looking for suspects that match the description given by Epper. The man is a light-skinned African-American male with a short, "twisties hairstyle," according to the Orlando Sentinel. The female had dirty blonde hair and wore a flannel shirt. Both were described as being in their late 20s or early 30s.

As bizarre as the story may seem, it's not the strangest carjacking that's ever occurred.

In September, Brian Timothy Kada Jr., was stuck in a Pennsylvania traffic jam and allegedly tried to speed things by jumping out of his taxi and carjacking an ambulance.

In January, two armed men attempted to carjack a Corvette in Orlando, Fla., but were unable to figure out how to work the manual transmission.

In July, 2012, John Brigham, 45, allegedly instigated multiple car crashes while driving in Scottsdale, Az. Then he stripped naked and carjacked a Prius from a female driver.



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